About Sussex Dental


Sussex Dental is a family dental practice located in Sussex since 1970. We have been growing with the village as the years go by, keeping the best of the old and making exciting new changes through the years. The location has changed twice to accommodate that growth and is currently owned by Dr. Mark O. Waller and Dr. Karen M. Boettcher. It was previously owned by Dr. Donald E. Foley and Dr. Eugene R. Goetsch.

Over the years, we have continued to provide our personal commitment to each of our patients. Quality dental care is offered in a comfortable setting with a friendly atmosphere and personalized service. The office is located near the bug line trail in a park like setting. All of the rooms have a beautiful serene view that adds to the relaxing environment. The reception area is quite large with plenty of seating and current reading material. We have a fish tank for all to enjoy and Lego table for the young ones. We work very hard to keep appointments on time and to provide patient education, instruction and planning for each and every family member.