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Benefits of Always Having Current Digital X-rays

Posted on 11/30/2018 by Hala Badawi
Benefits of Always Having Current Digital X-raysIt may seem as though every time you go to the dentist, we're dragging out the heavy lead cloak and requesting another set of X-rays from you.

Most of our patients seem to understand the importance of regular digital X-rays, but some of you may have some questions about the safety and importance of having them taken.

The fact is, having X-rays done is not only incredibly safe, it's also extremely important to help gauge the current state of your oral health. If you have been wondering about why we need up-to-date digital X-rays, we have the answers for you here!

Why Do I Need Digital X-rays?

All of our first-time patients are advised to have a complete set of digital X-rays taken. Once you're established at our practice, the frequency with which we take them may drop, and we may only take them as often as needed, such as if you have a chief dental complaint during your visit.

X-rays have come a long way in safety since their invention in 1895, but we wanted to assure you that we're not just taking them for fun – they're a highly important diagnostic tool!

•  X-rays allow us to see your entire tooth, not just the part that's visible to the naked eye. We can see inside and between your teeth to determine if you have any dental issues that need further investigation.
•  X-rays help detect dental caries (cavities), abscesses, dental crowding, and any injury to the tooth or the tooth roots. It can also help determine if you have any issues with your jawbone.
•  X-rays can help us ensure your child's permanent adult teeth are growing in healthy.
•  X-rays give us better understanding of your teeth and help us plan any upcoming recommended dental procedures that you may need, such as crowns or fillings or even root canals.

X-rays are very safe; you'd need to have 600 sets of X-rays taken to even match the average amount of natural radiation exposure you'd encounter in a year.

Next time you're in our office and we advise X-rays, you can rest assured that we're taking measures to protect your long-term oral health. Please give our office a call today to schedule a comprehensive dental exam complete with – yes, you guessed it - X-rays!
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