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What Enamel Does for Your Teeth Aside from Protecting Them

Posted on 12/20/2018 by Hala Badawi
What Enamel Does for Your Teeth Aside from Protecting ThemWhen our patients come in for the first time and fill out our personal information, the number one they are concerned about is their smile. Having a healthy enamel, means your teeth are protected from bacteria and harmful plaque.

What is Enamel?

The enamel of a tooth is the outer layer that is visible when you smile. When cared for with regular dental checkups and proper oral hygiene, the enamel is white, which makes your smile bright and beautiful.
Your teeth are made of several layers, and the enamel is one of the most important ones because it protects the tooth from decay.

Functions of the Enamel

Aside from protecting your teeth from bacteria and disease, the enamel is also responsible for preventing food sensitivity. There are several reasons for tooth sensitivity, including cavities and exposed roots due to gum disease. A strong enamel can help with tooth sensitivity.

The enamel also contains more minerals than other bones in your body. Calcium and phosphorus make up most of the durable outer layer of your teeth to keep them healthy and prevent damage from bacteria.
In addition, the enamel is responsible for the white color of your teeth. The stronger and healthier that layer is, the whiter your smile will be. As enamel erodes with age, wear and tear, and disease, it becomes thinner and the inner, more yellow layer of the tooth, called the dentin, starts to show.

Taking care of the enamel is our primary goal. While the outer layer is solid, it is susceptible to cracks and chips which can damage it and make it vulnerable to disease. Bacteria will find its way inside the tooth and start destroying it.

Letting us take care of your teeth regularly will help you keep your enamel healthy for a long time. Call us today to set up your appointment.

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