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Sussex Dental | WI Family Dentist | General Dentistry & Periodontics
262-246-6806 - Sussex Dental is a family dental practice that has served the Sussex, WI community since 1970 specializing in general dentistry, periodontics, implants and emergency dental care.
    About Us
    About Our Sussex Family Dentistry | Serving The Sussex Area Since 1970
    262-246-2232 - Serving since 1970, Sussex Dental is the premier family dentistry located in the heart of Sussex Wisconsin. Please call 262-246-2232 to schedule with us.
    Preventive - dentist Sussex WI
    Sussex WI Dentist | Dental Appointments & Exams | Teeth Cleaning
    262-246-2232 - Keep your teeth and gums healthy with Sussex Dental. We offer regular dental appointments and exams, teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments, sealant, gum care and more in Sussex, WI.
      General Dentistry - dentist Sussex WI
      Sussex, WI Dentist | Crown Repair, Tooth Extraction & Fillings
      2262-246-2232 - From root canals and crown repair to tooth extraction and fillings, our experienced dentists can handle any dental emergency or concern you have. Serving Sussex, Lannon and Merton, WI.
        Periodontics - periodontics Sussex WI
        Gum Disease & Periodontal Treatment | Sussex & Merton, WI Dentist
        262-246-2232 - If you have periodontists or gum disease, contact Sussex Dental for a custom periodontal treatment plan to restore your oral health. Serving Sussex, Lannon, Merton & Lisbon, WI.
          Dental Implants - dental implants Sussex WI
          Dental Implants | Overdentures & Implant Bridges | Sussex, WI Dentist
          262-246-2232 - Restore your smile with dental implants from Sussex Dental, serving Sussex, Lannon, Merton & Lisbon, WI with a modern approach to tooth implants, overdentures and implant bridges.
            For Patients
            Information For Patients: Forms, Blog Posts & News | Sussex, WI
            262-246-2232 - Find patient forms, read our blog, and stay updated on dental news with our patient resources. Call us at 262-246-6806 with any questions about your appointment.
            Contact Us
            Contact Our Team: Serving patients in Sussex, Merton, Lannon, Pewaukee
            262-246-2232 - Contact our friendly team to schedule your dental appointment with us today. Call us at 262-246-6806 to schedule. Regular checkup and emergency appointments available.
            Online Patient Forms
            Online Patient Forms For Your Upcoming Appointment | Sussex Dental
            262-246-2232 - Sign in to our online portal to complete patient information forms before your upcoming appointment. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call.
            Privacy Policy
            Our Privacy Policy: Your Health Information | Sussex Dental
            262-246-2232 - Read our privacy policy statement to learn when we may be required to disclose your health information, including in treatment, payment and health care operations.
            Current News
            Dentistry News & Latest Research: Protect Your Oral Health
            262-246-2232 - Get the most accurate and up-to-date dentistry news, including best practices and research that you can use to improve the long-term health of your teeth and gums.
            Dental Blog
            Expert Tips & Tricks For Improving Your Dental Health | Blog
            262-246-2232 - Read through our collection of blogs for the top tips to improve the health of your mouth, teeth, and gums. Learn what you can do today to make your dental health a priority.
            Testimonials | Serving Patients in Sussex, Merton, Lannon & Pewaukee
            262-246-2232 - Our patients know they can trust us with any of their dental needs, from the routine exam to emergency care. Read about our commitment to exceptional treatment.
            For Kids
            Kids Dentist | Establishing Proper Dental Habits | Sussex Dental
            262-246-2232 - It's never too early to introduce good dental habits to your kids. Read about our recommendations for children's dental health and how to make their dentist visits a positive experience.
            Single Tooth Implants
            Single Tooth Implant | Dental Implant Services | Sussex Dental
            262-246-2232 - Find out if a single tooth implant is right for you if you are missing a tooth. Prevent damage to surrounding teeth and to your gums, and schedule your consultation today.
            Overdentures: How They Work, Options, and Benefits | Sussex Dental
            262-246-2232 - When you have an arch of missing teeth, overdentures may be the perfect solution for you. Learn how they work and why they support your mouth and jaw health.
            Implant Bridges
            Restore Your Smile With Implant Bridges | Dental Implants | Sussex Dental
            262-246-2232 - This dental procedure replaces missing teeth with ceramic implant bridges, which we match perfectly to your natural teeth. Call today for a consultation.
            Scaling & Root Planing
            Scaling and Root Planing | Periodontal Treatments | Sussex Dental
            262-246-2232 - Learn how scaling and root planing can help treat gum disease by removing buildup on your teeth and below your gum line. Call us to schedule a consultation.
            Periodontal Disease
            Periodontal Disease: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment | Sussex Dental
            262-246-2232 - Discover the different treatment options we offer for periodontal disease. No matter how long you've had gum disease, we will work with you to improve your oral health.
            Periodontal Health
            Periodontal Health: Gum Disease Prevention and Treatments | Sussex Dental
            262-246-2232 - Learn how to maintain your gum health and view the procedures we offer if you do develop gum disease. Schedule a consultation if you are concerned about your gum health.
            Dental Filling Services For Cavity Treatment | Sussex Dental
            262-246-2232 - When a cavity develops, we can help. We specialize in both traditional and composite fillings for treating cavities, allowing you to decide which option is right for you.
            Crowns & Bridges
            Dental Crowns & Bridges for Damaged or Missing Teeth | Sussex Dental
            262-246-2232 - Restore your smile with our dental crown and bridge services. If you have damaged or missing teeth, our team can properly treat the issue for your long-term oral health.
            Root Canal Therapy
            Tooth Infection Treatment: Root Canal Therapy | Sussex Dental
            262-246-2232 - If you have a tooth infection, schedule a root canal consultation with us. We'll work with you to create a customized plan to treat the infection as quickly as possible.
            Tooth Extraction Process | General Dentistry | Sussex Dental
            262-246-2232 - If a tooth is severely damaged, extraction may be the best course of action. Call our office to learn about your options if you have suffered damage to your teeth.
            Dentures & Partials
            Permanent & Partial Dentures | General Dentistry | Sussex Dental
            262-246-2232 - Missing teeth? It's crucial to take steps to protect your oral health. Contact Sussex Dental to find out if permanent dentures or partial dentures are right for you.
            Teeth Lightening
            Professional Teeth Whitening Services | General Dentistry | Sussex, WI
            262-246-2232 - Brighten your smile with professional teeth whitening services from Sussex Dental. We offer both in-office or at-home treatments. Call us to schedule your appointment today.
            Porcelain Veneers
            Porcelain Veneers: The Process, Benefits & More | Sussex Dental
            262-246-2232 - Porcelain veneers can correct issues including chipped teeth, stained teeth, or misshapen teeth. Learn more about how veneers can enhance the appearance of your smile.
            Emergency Care
            Knocked Out or Cracked Teeth | Emergency Dental Care | Sussex Dental
            262-246-2232 - Call us immediately in a dental emergency. We can fix a cracked tooth, or a knocked out tooth. Read more about what to do in an emergency dental situation.
            Professional Cleanings & Comprehensive Exams
            Professional Cleanings & Comprehensive Oral Exams | Sussex Dental
            262-246-2232 - Getting your teeth professionally cleaned and examined is crucial for preventing cavities and gum disease. Contact our office to schedule your appointment: 262-246-6806.
            Sealants & Fluoride
            Dental Sealants & Fluoride Treatments For Cavities | Sussex Dental
            262-246-2232 - We stop cavities in their tracks with dental sealants and fluoride treatments. Protect the long-term health of your mouth and schedule your next appointment with us.
            Night Guards
            Customized Dental Night Guards For Teeth Grinding | Sussex Dental
            Eliminate the pain of bruxism and prevent damage to your teeth, jaw, and joints with a custom fit night guard. Call us at 262-246-6806 to schedule an appointment.
            Mark Waller, DDS
            Dr. Mark Waller, DDS | Serving Patients in Sussex, Merton & Lannon
            262-246-2232 - Patients at Sussex Dental have been trusting Dr. Mark Waller with their teeth and gums for more than 20 years. Learn more about Dr. Waller's experience.
            Hala Badawi, DDS
            Dr. Hala Badawi, DDS | Serving Patients in Sussex, Merton & Lannon
            262-246-2232 - Dr. Hala Badawi has been practicing dentistry in the greater Milwaukee area since 2010. Learn more about her expertise and her approach to patient care.
            Dan Waller, DMD
            Dr. Dan Waller, DMD | Serving Patients in Sussex, Merton & Lannon
            262-246-2232 - Dan Waller, DMD, has an extensive education in dentistry, and is passionate about building relationships with his patients. Click to learn more about Dr. Waller's background.
            Meet Our Team
            Meet Our Team | Sussex Dental | Serving Patients in Sussex, WI
            262-246-2232 - Meet our full team of dental hygienists, dental assistants, and office staff, all dedicated to prioritizing your comfort and providing you with the best possible dental care.
            What Sets Us Apart
            What Sets Us Apart | Sussex Dental | Serving Patients in Sussex, WI
            262-246-2232 - At Sussex Dental, we are a family-oriented dental practice, and are experienced in treating adults, kids, the elderly, and the disabled. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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            Contact Our Team: Serving patients in Sussex, Merton, Lannon, Pewaukee
            262-246-2232 - Contact our friendly team to schedule your dental appointment with us today. Call us at 262-246-6806 to schedule. Regular checkup and emergency appointments available.
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