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Pain is how your body tells you that something is wrong. If you wake up every morning with pain in your jaw, you may be suffering from a condition known as bruxism. The pain caused by bruxism can be excruciating and can interfere with your daily life. At Sussex Dental, we can help to eliminate the pain and restore your quality of life with a night guard.

What Is Bruxism?

Bruxism is a condition in which you grind and clench your teeth. When the muscles in your face and jaw contract, it forces your upper and lower teeth to clench together. These excessive forces put unnecessary pressure on your teeth, your jaw, and your temporomandibular joints. Bruxism can happen at any time, but it is most common at night. This is because when you are awake, you are aware that you are clenching your teeth, which enables you to stop the action. While you are sleeping, however, you do not have this same control. Your muscles can still contract, causing the clenching, while you are completely unaware.

What Causes Bruxism?

There are a few different issues that can lead to bruxism. One of the most common causes of the condition is stress. When you are stressed, all of the muscles in your body, including the ones in your face and mouth, become tense. This can occur even while you sleep. There are several other issues that can lead to bruxism, including:
•  Caffeine consumption.
•  Certain lifestyle habits like drinking and smoking.
•  Certain types of medications.
•  Other types of stimulants.
•  Alignment issues with the teeth or jaws.

Symptoms of Bruxism

There are multiple symptoms that accompany bruxism. Some occur immediately, while others come on gradually, growing worse the longer your bruxism goes untreated. Symptoms of bruxism include:
•  Jaw pain.
•  Pain in the temporomandibular joints.
•  Facial pain.
•  Excessive tooth wear, which can lead to an increased risk of tooth decay and cavities.
•  An increased risk for tooth damage.
•  Gum recession, which can lead to tooth sensitivity.
•  Excessive pressure on teeth can lead to loose teeth and eventual tooth loss.
•  Pain in your jaws and temporomandibular joints can radiate, spreading to your ears and the top of your head. As a result, you may be faced with chronic headaches and earaches.

Custom Night Guards for Alleviating Pain

We can help to alleviate jaw pain associated with bruxism with a custom night guard. There are two options for night guards. The first is similar to a sports mouthguard. It covers your entire top arch of teeth, providing a cushion between your upper and lower teeth and absorbing the impact of the pressures your muscles exert. The other type of night guard only covers the front teeth. It prevents the upper and lower teeth from making contact with each other while keeping the jaw in proper alignment. You may be wondering why you should get a custom night guard when there are night guards available over the counter. While you could easily get one from a pharmacy, these night guards are rarely effective. Some can make your bruxism worse. Some may interfere with your breathing while others may fall out while you sleep. We design a custom fit night guard unique to your mouth and take your bite into account. This ensures that your night guard will fit properly and will be effective. While the night guard cannot solve your bruxism, it can provide significant relief from the symptoms. If jaw pain is interfering with your life, a night guard can help.

Call Sussex Dental today at (262) 246-6806 to schedule your consultation and find out if a night guard is a right solution for you.
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